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Need Organisations to take you as an Intern? MaxiSearch® can help.

Registering your interest in an internship early allows potential employers that might consider Interns to find your details sooner.

To take advantage of what MaxiSearch® can do for you and you do not have a Free Job Seeker account with us, you must first register.  Once you have registered enter your Internship and the Conditions for the Internship as well as your institutions contact details so that we can verify the information.

Once your details are uploaded and we have verified the authenticity it will be viewable to potential employers.

If an organisation is interested they can press a button that will e-mail their contact information to you, to this point you remain annonymous, we do not disclose your identity.

Are you an Employer or Organization looking for interns?

The employers section of MaxiSearch® Recruitment explains internships to potential companies and organisations and makes your open internship visible to them.

The potential Intern can contact your company or organisation through MaxiSearch® Recruitment annonymously or disclose their identity so you can see if they are suitable for the assignment.

Once you have filled your Intern position we ask you to inform the MaxiSearch® Recruitment site so that the availability gets taken off the site or we will take it off automatically after 1 month of the Internship start date.

You may subscribe to our world-wide register of companies and organisations that are registered with Maxisearch® Recruitment and have declared that they will consider interns, in which areas as well as a Quick Contact button for the graduate to contact you the employer offering the internship through Maxisearch®.


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